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Attitude By Peter Schmidt CEO United Yacht Sales

United Yacht Sales (UYS) has a sign in every office that reads, “The longer I live, the more I realize the impact of ATTITUDE on life!” As a father, husband and businessperson, I am convinced that life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of my reaction to it”. We listen and read everyday how bad the world is, how bad our schools are, how bad our local and national politicians are and how bad business is, in particular the boat business”. Even the typically positive industry trade magazines are talking about the bad; giving all sorts of reasons beginning with the costs of fuel, insurance and dockage, competition for leisure dollars and the economy in general. Many of our competitors are talking and acting in a “doom and gloom” manner.  At United Yacht Sales we maintain a very positive attitude and are doing very positive things to generate business the business of listing and selling brokerage boats.

If you are a Buyer thinking about purchasing a yacht, it only makes sense to be talking with people that really know what’s going on in the marketplace -- the entire market not just Florida or local regions. The UYS market is global.  In addition to sales in the entire U.S. we are selling over 15% of our listings to buyers from Europe, Eastern Europe and South & Central America. Our business plan is very basic. We attract only the most successful, professional and experienced Brokers in the country to join our UYS team. Their range of experience is impressive. Some of our Brokers specialize in smaller express-type vessels or even trailerable boats. Others deal exclusively with large motor yachts, long range cruisers or sport fish battlewagons, while some are exclusively sailing oriented. Many of our Brokers are so experienced they can handle just about anything from new construction builds of any size, to the purchase and sale of vessels of any L.O.A., sail or power. Every UYS listing is placed on ten (10) different MIS databases. We participate in all major U S International boat shows, as well as many smaller, regional shows In fact, this year we will participate in over 20 shows nationwide! We advertise monthly in all major media publications such as Yachting, Power & Motor Yacht, Boat International USA, Sail Magazine and Southern Boating, as well as many regional publications.  In addition, we publish our own in house magazine “The Rudder" that reaches over 7,000+ targeted and select boat buyers and sellers.

One of the important and intangible things we do to get the job clone is demand interaction among our 80 strong network of UYS brokers Well over 50% of our transactions are done in house, meaning we attend both sides of the transaction We sell what we list.  Our brokers are in constant contact through traditional sales meetings, teleconference meetings and our UYS internal web-based message board. The message “chat’ board offers all UYS brokers instant access to the most recent brokerage market trends and values affording them the opportunity to remain knowledgeable and up to speed at all times.
The bottom line is that when others are complaining and making excuses we are getting the job done! At UYS we know that boaters simply want to go boating no matter what, since the enjoyment far exceeds the cost. We reach out to those boaters, who share the same passion and positive attitude we have for the sport!

UYS does it like no other brokerage firm with hard work, a positive attitude and aggressive marketing; and we are doing business, a lot of business. So please join our winning team with the positive attitude and get on with your boating enjoyment.

To learn more about United Yacht Sales and its team of professional yacht brokers nationwide please email Peter at peterschmidt@unitedyacht.com.


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